About us

Lion Lift Controls is an independent family company, which was established at the beginning of 1986 for manufacturing lift control panels. The original team had many years’ experience in this field.

We soon found our niche in the market for volume production of control panels for low rise hydraulic lifts, and have manufactured thousands for these over the years; and hundreds have been exported from the UK. 

We also soon gained a reputation for manufacturing individual bespoke, high quality reliable control panels for all lift applications, which are easy to comprehend.

The philosophy of designing each to suit its particular application has continued to the present day, so that every control panel is an individual to us.

This versatility enables us to provide control panels for both the demanding refurbishment field and the new lift market of our industry, as well as ‘special applications’ such as lifts for hazardous areas, cranes and even a ski lift.

Predominantly, we manufacture control panels to suit conventional traction and hydraulic lift systems. We are finding an increase in enquiries for machine room-less applications, and we provide solutions for these also.

The Team

All sales, design, manufacturing, test, administration and after sales support is performed by the team at Bristol; we do not out-source.

We care that we manufacture first rate products, and also provide an exemplary after-sales service to our customers.

Commercial Relationships

We supply top quality control systems to multi-national and independent lift companies alike throughout the UK, and have a long established large loyal customer base.

We show this loyalty to our suppliers also. We have well established long term relationships with many major suppliers in the electronics industry.