Traction Lifts

We manufacture for all types of lift motor.

This can be single speed, two speed, variable frequency up to 2.5 m/s, or static DC. It can be any size of motor from 1Kw through to 75Kw or more.

We incorporate Magnetek drives for our products as standard. They are designed specifically for lift applications. Magnetek’s knowledge and support in our industry is un-surpassed.

The design of their drives achieve ultimate performance and energy saving and we add our ‘immediate stop’ and ‘silent brake’ features to the control on all designs.

This achieves the best ride comfort, minimum floor time and energy saving for each lift application.

We manufacture control panels for machine room-less applications. These have to be designed individually to suit the existing lift system because of cabinet size and rescue system.

Unintentional movement control can also be accommodated.