Component Description

We have always labelled our circuits and control panels in English using abbreviation letters for the description of the component referring to their function.

This link is a comprehensive list of the function description

Operation Manuals

Operation manuals are listed below which cover the vast majority of the types of control panels we have manufactured over the years.

Display Unit Cream Download
Hydraulic Fault Conditions Cream Download
Traction Fault Conditions Cream Download
Display Unit Black Download
Hydraulic Fault Conditions  Black Download
Traction Fault Conditions      Black Download

Access Diagrams

Copies of diagrams can be supplied at our standard nominal cost for all our control systems.  Please contact us, providing a Control Panel reference number and the diagram(s) can be sourced from storage.

During the 1990s we supplied Control Panels for lifts manufactured by Access Industries in the USA.  The vast majority of these are covered by the chart below.  The Access Industries type number should be on the Control Panel.

If the Access Industries reference is not shown below please contact us with our Control Panel reference.

Access Lift Type Diagram Number


23774 > Download







We keep comprehensive records of all our control panels going back to 1986, and have copies of corresponding electrical diagrams for all.Diagram Copies

Copies of these diagrams can be purchased. Please contact us as the ‘Contact’ section.