We manufacture control panels for all types of lifts, and provide the ancillary equipment to ensure their correct reliable operation.

We group our control panel ranges for all types of lifts as their particular application below:

Goods Goods Passenger Multi-car
Only Passenger Collective Group

This determines the way we design the control panel and the duty we anticipate for it. All components are then rated for 10 years operation; this guarantees a life expectancy of decades.

Each control panel is designed to be only as technically complex for its particular application, yet maintaining versatility for possible future options.

Relay only control is incorporated for some simple applications, but predominantly proven industry standard programmable microprocessor control is incorporated for the majority of our control panels.

An operational display and event log can be included, and is standard for multi-car group systems.

Remote monitoring signals can be included for building management systems as required.

We only incorporate industry standard, EU sourced well proven components in all our control panels.